About me

11 years ago, a friend discovered a loom in the basement of her apartment building, Roy street in Montreal. She had forgotten her keys and, by chance, a basement window had been left open… The landlord had kept this loom for her children, but since they had no interest in learning how to weave, she agreed to sell it to me. Oh Joy!!!

Unfortunately, at the time I was a student, and broke. I didn’t have the money for such a purchase. I realized that I would have to let this opportunity pass… Disappointment!

The same year, the love of my life, Sam, and I moved in together.

You can imagine how happy I was when he offered to help me buy the loom so well preserved. Sam told me at the time that he believed in my talent and that he was investing in my career.

The disappointment disappeared…

That year, in 2004, I began training at the Montreal Center for Contemporary Textiles. I was so enthusiastic!!!

I learned traditional and gradually much more complex weaving techniques on my first loom. My passion for textile, for beauty, for attention to detail and for handmade craft kept growing. I weave, I knit, I felt, I sew and I create. I also work with glass, a medium which is in sharp contrast with the softness of fabric. I combine different fibres and different techniques to make unique and original creations.

I create fashion accessories for the contemporary woman. Versatile, elegant and comfortable. My scarves and textile necklaces meld a focus on design with technical know-how. Formal or casual, chic or relaxed, MP Daigle accessories are always on the porous and blurry border between jewellery and utilitarian object. My work speaks about life. Life to be lived, life to be given, life to be shared.

I am very happy that my friend stumbled on that loom when she had to climb through a basement window of her apartment building. My life has evolved quite a bit since those beginnings: I have since become a mother and we now live in beautiful Kamouraska. My passion for textile though, has remained as vibrant as the very first day.

Marie Pierre